Schedule for 2018

This is my touring schedule for 2018 – so far.

May 27 to June 4

I will be in London to give a talk for the The Mindful Living Show, which is June 1-2 at the Business Design Center in Isington, which is near central London. This event is sort of a mindfulness convention, with speakers, booths, vendors and such.

June 5

Mindfulness at Lunchtime at St. Marks in Edinburgh. MAL has been taking place for about twenty years now. I will be facilitating the lunchtime practice in the heart of Edinburgh. How can you beat that. Especially that Edinburgh one of my favorite cities. You bring your lunch. we mindfully eat, a session of slow walking meditation and I think I’m giving a short talk.   

June 6

Public Dharma talk at St. Mark’s in Edinburgh. 7:30 -9:00pm.

For info click on  Talk at St. Mark’s   or   Wild Geese Sangha

June 7-10

I will be leading a retreat at Wiston Lodge at Wiston, Scotland, which is about 40 miles, or should I say about 63 kilometers southwest of Edinburgh. 

June 14-17

I will be back in the US at Morning Sun in New Hampshire to attend a retreat. I’m actually a retreatant here, which is very refreshing.

June 26- July 13

I will be in Boston area connecting and practicing with the various sanghas.

July 7

I will be giving a Talk in Newton, Massachusetts (near Boston). This is being organized now and I don’t have the details but it is being held in conjunction with the Boston Center for Contemplative Practice.

July 13- August 5

I will be in the Washington DC area connecting and practicing with the local sanghas. The schedule of events are being planned now.

October 3-10

I will be at the Buddhist Insights Center in New York

     Oct 4    Dharma Talk in Manhattan 7:00-830 pm

     Oct 5-7    Retreat at the BI retreat center, Rockaway

     Oct 8   Dharma Talk at the BI retreat center, Rockaway 8:00-9:30 pm

     Oct 9    Dharma Talk in Brooklyn 7:00-8:30 pm

For Details go to

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