Santa Fe: The Question


The question is not “What can we do about this?” We know what to do. We know how the government works, how laws are made, how to demonstrate, how to put pressure on our elected officials. No, the question is not “What can we do about this” but rather “Have we had enough yet?”

It is one thing to see our own habit energies, those unwholesome formations that come up again, and again, it is another thing to work, to practice to alleviate ourselves from those habit energies. It is one thing to be ignorant of our habit energies, not knowing they exist. It is another to be aware of our habit energies. Just as our thoughts and emotions, and therefore actions, are influenced by our own habit energies so too does it take place on the societal level, collective karma, collective habit energies. Somewhere along the line, when we have become aware of the unwholesome, unbeneficial, even destructive, thoughts and behaviors. Somewhere, at sometime we get to the point of the willingness, sometimes at the point of desperation, we begin to work, to take action to get beyond the harmfulness we evoke upon ourselves and others.

I have always held this though, sort of a social theory of life in our society. It is pretty simple: Things have to get much worse before they get better. I know it seems rather cynical, but really, it’s based on observation. We have a history. We have seen these mass shootings over and over again. The same thing: A mass shooting takes place, the horrors are reported on by the media and everyone is “horrified.” Politicians rush to the podium to say how “horrible” it is and that their hearts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Some people cry out for gun control laws, its debated by the pundits and then it is back to business as usual – until next time when the cycle starts again, and again, and again, and again, because ignorance works in cycles. Ignorance is the condition of which we become doomed by our own hands. We are our own worse enemies at times.

With the Parkland shooting just a few short months ago, I say short because these types of things seem to compress time and space, a number of brave young men and women (they deserve the epithet of “men” and “women”) stood up to take on the system, the cycle of suffering. They brought a fresh face to the epidemic. One would think with such a thing would be a rally point for change but it appears not. It seems it’s back to business as usual. Have we had enough yet?



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