Dropping Interbeing

How are we to understand interbeing? We desire explanations- this is how it works, perhaps a scientific explanation, a plus b equals c. This is no freedom in this. How can there be freedom when something is in “concrete” form. Drop the “I am a cloud,” “I am the rain.” These are merely words from the master in order to teach his students. They are not the essence. If this is the case then how are we to understand interbeing? I don’t think we can – at least not fully. It is like an iceberg. The part we perceive, we recognize is just the small part but the great mass is out of view, until it isn’t. I do not think it is a matter of “understanding” interbeing so much as it is as experiencing through accepting what is already there throughout the cosmos. All we need to do, as the Chan patriarchs say, is to drop body and mind. This means letting go of all notions and attachments, the things that bind us, the things that separate us from our true nature, our great potential. Interbeing in not a matter of trying to understand. Any experience of understanding is only revealed to us, like discovering the creamy center of a chocolate candy. No, the experience of interbeing is not understood through the mind but rather from a deep seated utterance of the heart. This utterance of the heart, if we allow it, becomes a grand symphony. How deep and wide is the heart? As deep and wide as the cosmos. Why? Because they are one in the same.

The Buddha and the Indian patriarchs spoke about dwelling in emptiness. This is to dwell in the openness and vastness of non-duality. This is also the middle-way, the place between this and that. This is also dropping body and mind. Only when we dwell in this boundless space do experience the true interbeing. There are two intereings. One is the conceptual understanding which are the bones. The other interbeing is the marrow, the true interbeing, which is open, free, embracing, fearless, and beyond words and concepts, completeness of the the present moment. It is not something we create. How can we create something that already is and has been since the beginningless beginning?

Because we do not dwell in the true interbeing we search for something to fill the void. Maybe we use the first kind of interbeing to fill that void, relying on the intellect instead of the heart. It is like reading a book but not grasping the words. Perhaps this searching leads to unwholesome things. Perhaps this search leads us to wholesome things. Perhaps we go to monasteries, churches, to books, or to a teacher. But what we search for, this connection, this fullness of life can only be found in one place, that which is already present within us. Drop body and mind and the cosmos blooms before you.

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