The Yogi’s Question

              The yogi had spent many years now in solitude looking deeply into the mysteries of life. He had questioned and investigated so many things about himself and the world around him. He spent hours, days, weeks in meditation and contemplation, but yet, there was one question that still eluded him after all those years. Not being content with this not-knowing he decided to leave his solitude and seek an answer from the one everyone was calling Buddha. After several months of journeying, asking where he can find this man Buddha, the yogi was finally in his presence. There were many people there who wanted an audience with the Wise One and so the yogi waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, the yogi was able to approach the Buddha.

This was the moment he was waiting for, the moment that he journeyed for. Finally, he would be able to ask the one they called Buddha the question he could not answer, even after all those years of practice. He approached the Buddha and asked his question: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” The Buddha, smiling with a hint of a frustration replied, “Why ask me? – go ask the chicken.”


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